Elf On The Shelf, Do You Do It?


Elf on the Shelf is a big part of the Christmas season at our house. It also seems to be a topic that causes a lot of discussion, and most people tend to either really like it or really despise it.

My three boys are all about Elf on the Shelf. Our elf is named Benard and depending on the year he either arrives the Friday after Thanksgiving or December 1st. This year he came the Friday after Thanksgiving. He is the first thing the boys want to find in the morning as soon as they get up. The boys enjoy the silly things he does or the things he sometimes brings. I make sure to also add in activities that the boys have to do that promote kindness and giving. Benard always asks the boys to fill a bag of toys to donate to another child. The boys actually do very well with this and tend to fill the bag pretty full.

When it comes to handling Benard, or where he goes each day, we do it a little different in our house. We have the rule that only Momma and daddy can touch Benard and at the end of the day he always goes and sits on the bookshelf in the older two boy’s room that they share. From the bookcase he flies to the north pole and returns in the morning for the boys to find. Sometimes we bring Benard along with us to activities. When we drive around to look at lights closer to Christmas, the boys always want him to come along.  Benard gets a front row seat upfront with me while we drive around.

Elf on the Shelf is a tradition that we enjoy doing and look forward to each year. My husband and I have a lot of fun with it and we know it brings a lot of joy to our boys. What is your thought on Elf on the Shelf? What do  you do with your elf? Please share!

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Some of Benard’s silly antics.

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