Santa at Easton Town Center


There is still time to visit the big man himself before Christmas eve. I highly suggest going to Easton Town Center to see him.Make sure to check the webpage to see when he takes his cookie and milk breaks before you go. Santa is in a new location this year. He is up on the second floor next to T-Mobile. The set up this year is fantastic. Very magical and festive for the children. The line moved quickly and if you do not want to wait or the line is to long, you can utilize the virtual check in. To do the virtual check in just visit the person sitting outside of the store. You will provide your number and they will text you when it is your time to get in line.

One of the best things about seeing Santa at Easton is that you are able to take pictures with your own camera and do not have to purchase a photo. We always end up purchasing a  5×7 because it’s only $5.00 and is printed with a festive frame around it. This has by far been the best set up and location for Santa in my opinion and we enjoyed having the opportunity to visit before Christmas eve.


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