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If you are a looking for a fun girls night or even date night I highly recommend the Candle Lab. There are three locations in Columbus. We went to the one in Grandview. The shop is very welcoming and provides an easy breezy homey vibe as soon as you walk in. The staff members are fantastic, very helpful, and full of knowledge.

The process in creating our candles was easy to follow and fun to do. The first step is picking out your favorite scents.  There are around 120 scents to choose from. Each one is in a candle form for you to sniff. If you like the scent you write it down on the list. When you are done smelling and filling up your list you then pick out what container you want your candle to be in. I decided to go with an adorable mason jar for the candle and three containers of wax melts. Right now they have a deal going on where you buy three you get one free. So naturally I had to do four things. After you make your container selection you head to the candle bar and the staff member starts to pull all of the scents you have on your list and asks what combination of smells you are thinking of for your creations. They offer some suggestions as to what would be good together based on what is on your list, but in the end it is your creation and you can put however many scents together as you’d like.


I went straight for the Christmas scents and ended up picking out three different ones. My sister in-law picked out twelve different scents. After you decide what combinations you want to put together and what scents go in which containers, you then name and create the labels for your candles. While you are designing your label the staff member gathers the wax and remaining materials to make the candle and wax melts. You are given a plate with what I called a wax shot glass. You take the oils and fill the shot glass to the top with whatever combination you choose to use. When the glass if filled you then dump it into the jar that is filled with liquid wax and you give it a stir. The staff member then sets your creations aside to harden. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half for the wax to harden. We decided to go grab dinner and then came back to pick them up.

The candle I created combined the scents of White Christmas, Candy Cane, and Christmas Tree. I named it Merry Ching a Ring. For the wax melts I did one White Christmas, one Candy Cane, and then named one Christmas in a Tart which is Christmas Tree and Candy Cane mixed together. I have to say all of my creations smell amazing and bring back so many wonderful memories of Christmas as a child. My sister in-laws creations are just as divine and each one is unique and different from the other.

The whole experience moved smoothly and was a lot of fun. I appreciated the easiness of it all and the laid back atmosphere. I also liked that the wax is soy based and clean burning. It was an enjoyable girls night and an experience that I would love to do again soon. The next time I think I will create scents that are associated more with spring and summer. The Candle Lab is defiantly a place worth checking out and experiencing.

2 thoughts on “Candle Lab

  1. Hey Cbus Momma! Thanks for including us on your blog – we’re so glad you had a great experience making candles (and drinking wine!). We’d love to treat you to your next candle-pouring session. We’re betting that by March you’ll be tired of those Christmas scents and ready for something more light and clean and fresh 🙂

    Feel free to send me an email at and I’ll make arrangements!

    Happy New Year,
    Sarah @ The Candle Lab


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