Party Like It’s Your Birthday

My Middleman had to go back to school and my Bigman, Littleman, and myself are still on break until the 8th. I needed to find something for us to do to get out of the house and have fun. With a 5 year gap between my oldest and youngest I knew I had to find an activity that fit both ages. This activity was visiting Party Like It’s Your Birthday.

I signed my youngest up for the toddler play group. It is an hour long session from 10:00-11:00 am for ages walking until about 5. The playgroup session has a theme and lots of activities to go along with the theme. This theme was construction 🔨 🚧. Littleman loved the activities and enjoyed running from one to the other to play and be creative.

He helped paint a house. Enjoyed hammering and playing with hard hats. Got creative with cotton ball painting.

While Littleman was playing construction, Bigman was having fun in the Splatter Paint Room. Yes, you heard me right… a Splatter Paint Room! Before he headed into the room he had to gear up for his splatter fun. As a momma I appreciated the gear that was provided to aid in keeping his clothes paint free. After he was dressed he was ushered into the room and given some tips and suggestions on how to paint. I enjoyed this room because of the color and you can see proof that a lot of kids have had a blast while being creative! This made the educator in me very happy!

After he got the directions he was left to get creative and have fun. Since they shut the door to keep the paint in a tv is up on the wall for you to watch what they are doing. This allowed for me to still monitor Littleman as he played, but also got to see Bigman having fun.

The activity was a success and both boys had a blast! We will be coming back soon and the older two want to participate in some art classes. Now that Party Like Your Birthday is having one day sessions as an option I know we will be participating soon. If you want a fun and creative place that suits a wide range of ages head to Party Like It’s Your Birthday!

I’d love to hear about your adventure and see what your kiddos created!

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