AR Workshop

Today the two older boys and I had a Valentine date at AR Workshop in Worthington Ohio. It was a craft and cupcakes workshop and it was a lot of fun!

The Valentine theme workshop consisted of painting and staining wood blocks and having the opportunity to eat some yummy cupcakes. My oldest son who is 7 loves to paint and do artsy things but I wasn’t so sure how Middleman, who is 5, would do, but he really wanted to come along. The class went well for both of them and they enjoyed the whole process.

The first thing we had to do was paint or stain our blocks. The boys choose to paint and I stained mine.

After our paint and stain was applied and dried, we applied the stencil and painted again. I love the mix of vibrant colors the boys choose for their blocks.

When we finished painting it was time to remove the stencils and see the works of art that were created. The boys did really well and commented on how much fun they had and want to do it again. I felt the process went smoothly and enjoyed the time with the boys. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t have much time to get my block done, but that wasn’t the case! We all finished our blocks and loved what we made.

We had a wonderful date today and enjoyed every bit of the workshop. I hope that other family and kid friendly classes like this are offered again and it was at a very affordable price. Thank you for a fun and creative afternoon AR Workshop!

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