Our COSI Adventure


One of our favorite places to go to have fun and explore in Columbus, Ohio is COSI. We love that the exhibits are hands on, incorporates science, and are geared to all ages. As a momma of three boys, aged 2, 5, and 7, it is becoming increasingly harder to find places or activities that all three of them enjoy. COSI has become one of those places for us, and no matter how many times we go, the boys have an enjoyable time.

A neat feature about COSI is there are exhibits that are always changing which provides something new to see. The new exhibits stay for a couple months at a time. On our recent trip we went to the Imaginate exhibit which will be here until April 29, 2018. This exhibit is chalked full of hands on learning to show how intense motivation can be a driving force for innovation. The older two boys had a blast making paper airplanes and gadgets. They would have stayed there all day if we allowed them to.

COSI recently received a permanent exhibit about dinosaurs. This is a must see for my Dino loving boys and a stop we must make every time we are at COSI. The American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Gallery takes you back in time to witness and discover dinosaurs. It truly is a magnificent exhibit to see and has numerous interactive features.

Besides visiting the new exhibits, a must stop for us is the Little Kidspace. The Little Kidspace is our favorite. We have come to COSI and have spent the whole day in the kidspace. What I love about the kidspace is you have to check in to enter. You are presented a ticket that lists how many kids and adults are in your group and you are not allowed to leave the exhibit unless you present your ticket and all persons are present. There is one way in and one way out. This gives me the piece of mind to allow the older two play and explore more freely while I focus on the littleman.

The kidspace is full of experiences for the children. There is also a small baby area, an art room, a giant water table, several bathrooms, a nursing area for mommas, and an area to eat at. The boys love playing construction at the house, the water area, and the giant tree house with slides. There are also times during the day where they have story time or bring out live animals and teach the children about them. The main kidspace is geared for children up to first grade. But don’t fret, older kids can come in to. There is a separate area that is enclosed for children who are in second grade or above. This area provides plenty of activities to keep them occupied while the littles play. My oldest is looking forward to moving over to the big kids room next year. This momma is not ready for that!

Besides the exhibits at COSI there is also a giant movie theater and planetarium. There are always special events happening or nights when members can stay later. They even have a 21 and older after hours night about once a month. COSI really does provide fun and learning for all ages. This is a place we will continue to visit for years to come and we make sure that if we have friends or family visiting from out of town we take them to COSI.

What do you like about COSI? What is a must see for you?

Tip: You can bring in your own food and drinks!

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