Ice Cream can Come in Rolls?

Tonight we headed to the newly opened and local ice cream shop to see how exactly ice cream could come in rolls, and to see how it tasted! Ice Cream Rollery is located down the street from us and has been on our list of places to try. We decided to go early at about 5:20 because the last time we tried it was super busy and had a 35 minute wait for ice cream. I do suggest going early.

When you arrive you pick your base ice cream flavor, one mix in, and two toppings. There are about 9 options posted on the board, but you are free to create your own. After you pick your rollery creation you pay and wait to be called to a rolling station to watch the magic of rolled ice cream take place.

The staff members are super personable, energetic, and fun to watch! The boys enjoyed watching their ice cream being made and giggled the whole time as the staff members talked to them and walked them through the process of creating their ice cream.

We decided to get 3 different bowls. At $6.95 each, it adds up and can be pricey for our family. But they were able to split one of the bowls between the boys and each boy still had plenty of ice cream rollery to eat!

Ice Cream Rollery was a nice treat and had super yummy flavors. The staff was great and we were able to find a place to sit to eat. It isn’t something we will have all of the time, but we will definitely be back again soon. I think next time I will create my own ice cream rollery combination.

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