Gift an Experience

I am a momma of three boys, and with that comes a lot of toys and games. With only having boys in our house, the toys and games can become redundant or it is inevitable that duplicates will happen. All three of the boys also have birthdays pretty close to Christmas, which can make it a little challenging when it comes to gifts. A couple of years ago my husband and I decided to gift our boys experiences instead of presents from us at Christmas and birthdays. They still receive a couple toys from Santa or family, but we don’t gift toys.


We feel that an experience is more personable and memorable. It is a fun activity that the boys are interested in, but also enjoyable as a family. We have found that the boys are more excited when they receive an experience as a gift and the memories tend to last longer then that of playing with a toy.

This past Christmas we got the older two boys tickets to a WWE wrestling show that they would attend with daddy. They literally screamed with excitement when they opened it and ran over to us, gave us a huge hug, and said we love you and thank you thank you! I got teary eyed with how excited and happy they were.

The other day was the WWE wrestling show and during the whole event my husband would send me pictures and videos of the boys. They were having the best time and created amazing memories with their daddy. It was neat to see them so excited and happy, and they talk about it almost daily. We also have watched the WWE wrestling event on tv a couple of times because the boys made it on camera with their signs several times.


So when it comes time to buy a gift for Christmas or their birthday, consider getting an experience instead of a toy. I promise the memories and the smile on their faces with be well worth it. Plus, you might get to have some fun too!

If you have bought an experience or activity, what did you do? Please share your ideas in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Gift an Experience

  1. Love this idea! I have seen a few people on my Timeline do this recently, and have considering it for myself for my kids. They get toys ALL the time, and after a few months they are either broken or they just have no interest anymore. Do you only do this as a gift from you and your husband or have you asked for family to do the same as an alternative?


    1. My parents have started to get them gift cards to various play places or jump places. For Easter both sets of grandparents put gift cards for McDonald’s or Chick Fil A instead of a lot of candy. They love using their gift card and paying for their meal, it makes them feel big 😃

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  2. We have a boy and a girl and that makes the amount of toys in our house exhausting, too. I love the idea of giving them an experience instead of more things. Going to a hockey game is one of our favorite experiences.


  3. This is something we do as a family!! My husband and I decided to skip buying material things that will soon be forgotten and choose instead to gift an experience. We are huge outdoor people, and often our gift involves waterfall finding, or picnicking. We are excited to share this tradition with our daughter this year for her first birthday! She won’t remember, but her name is Willow Parke, and we are taking her to a park that shares her name. (coincidence, she wasn’t named after a place. ;)) ❤


  4. I love this idea and would much rather buy experiences for my kids over actual gifts. I’ve slowly started eliminating gifts over the last few years. They still get their traditional Santa gift, but I’ve been leaning more towards experiences and donations lately. Great idea!


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