Columbus Fun With Kids



It’s back to the old grind today at work after being off for a week. This year my spring break did not line up with my oldest, and my husband wasn’t able to get the week off, so it was a staycation with my other two in Columbus.

It wasn’t hard to find things to do with my 2 and 5 year old, as Columbus has so much to offer and experience. We took part in some of our favorites, and sprinkled in some new. Here is what we did on our Columbus fun while on spring break.


Ohio History Connection 

This was the first time we went where we had time to explore all of the exhibits around the museum. My mom tagged along and my oldest was on his last day of spring break. It made for a fun and enjoyable day for all. I liked the ample amount of hands on experiences that were throughout the museum and that it wasn’t too terribly busy when we went. The boys enjoyed learning about Ohio and their favorite area was the Trolley and 1950’s house that you can go through and play in!

We received a family membership for Christmas as an experience gift  and are looking forward to all of the fun events that are planned throughout the year and experiencing the outside village when the weather is nicer.


Firefly Play Cafe 

Of course we had to play at our favorite play cafe. We were the first ones there and stayed for almost four hours! I love that I can sit and chat with friends while sipping on coffee and the boys can run around and have fun. It is a perfect place to run off energy and nap time always follows after our fun at Firefly. The facility is very clean, safe, super friendly, and they have a bounce house and climbing structure. We are frequent visitors, especially on cold days.



Playland at Polaris

This Playland is inside the Polaris Mall and perfect for little kids.  It is zoo themed, has one way in and out, a cushy floor, and plenty of things to climb on. It can get crowded at times but my boys still enjoyed playing and running around.


Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Party Like It’s Your Birthday is a fun and creative space for kids. There are two locations and we visited the new location at the Polaris Mall. Middleman wanted to splatter paint and get messy, so we checked out the new location. He had a blast making his creation and we have it hanging on the wall by his bed. We have visited Party Like It’s Your Birthday several times and have participated in various classes. You can read about our previous visits here.  




A break wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit COSI. This time my sister in-law came with us for the first time and she had a blast. We spent the whole day there and were able to do almost everything. The boys were tired after a day of science and fun and have already asked when we are going back.


Our Columbus adventures made for a fun and exciting week. I also made sure to have opportunities to play at home and stay in our pjs. We even fit in the monthly Lego Build and visited a favorite Froyo place of ours. It was a week of memories and fun and I am looking forward to the summer and our Columbus adventures with all three of my boys.

5 thoughts on “Columbus Fun With Kids

  1. Absolutely love the blog post, pictures, and videos! Seems like you all had a wonderful time and it went well with the kiddos! Thanks for sharing and happy travels!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw looked like this place was amazing for your kids! I hope they enjoyed themselves. Thanks for sharing all the cute pics!



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