Exploring Columbus on The Weekend


The weather this weekend was beautiful and it finally felt like spring outside. Ohio’s weather has been up and down lately, and when warm weather hits, we get excited and get outside. For our family day we decided to do some exploring around Columbus and try a couple new places.

First up on our adventure was a yummy stop at Peace Love and Little Donuts in Worthington. This cute and quaint little shop has one of the largest selections of donuts I have seen, and the staff is super friendly and upbeat. As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a friendly hello and asked if you have been in the shop before. We had not, so we were each given a warm cinnamon and sugar donut to try. This little ring of fun was delicious, yummy, and kid approved.


We ended up getting a dozen and the boys were excited to pick out their flavors. We all nibbled and tasted each others donut, and we may have eaten them all in the shop. They are little donuts, so it’s ok to have more than one! Every flavor we got was delicious and we will be back again.



After your delicious donuts we needed to go run off the sugar and enjoy the fresh air. We headed to Hannah park in Gahanna. This is a beautiful park with unique playscapes for the children to play on. The park is very spacious, provides an ample amount of play structures for all ages, and has a shelter with restrooms and a drinking fountain. The boys ran and played so much that they worked up an appetite and were worn out. Our littleman loved the park so much that he had a major meltdown when we left. Yes, I had to carry a flailing and screaming toddler out to the car. Just goes to show how much fun they had!


We then headed to Roosters for dinner and then home to put littleman to bed before family movie night with the other two. It was a great day to be out and we had fun exploring around Columbus.

What are some other Columbus places we should explore? We are always up for an adventure!



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