Legoland Discovery Center Columbus

Looking for a fun, interactive, and creative place to play for the whole family? Legoland Discovery Center Columbus is just that place.  Located at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, this indoor space is chalked full of Lego’s and fun.


Our oldest has the honor of being apart of the Creative Crew and gets to participate in monthly events and spoke at the opening ceremony for the Discovery Center.  We were able to have a sneak peak at the center and experience all it had to offer before it opened. This is what you will find when you visit.


A replica of Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland that you can walk through and interact with. Every 15 minutes the minilad will turn into nighttime where you get to see the cities lit up at night. Throughout the miniland there are numerous things to see and experience. Cars moving, boats rowing, city noise playing, and play a mini game of Ohio State Vs. Michigan in the stadium replica. We spent a good half hour just in the miniland and I know we did not see every detail. We can’t wait to go back to see the miniland again and see what we might have missed.

4D Movie Theater~

Get your 3D glasses on and prepare to be immersed into a Lego adventure. There are two movies to choose from depending on the time that you are there. Plan your visit accordingly and you can see both movies! The movie was entertaining, and fun. Be prepared to be misted with water and all of the 3D aspects popping out at you. The boys had a blast during the movie.


Hands on Play Areas and a Climbing Structure~

Everywhere you look there are little pockets of places to build and play with Legos and Duplos. There are huge pits full of Legos that invite a world of imagination. A favorite spot was the car section, which is dedicated to building and racing your creations. The roads to race the cars down were fun! There is also an earthquake table to test the stability of your creation, a whole section dedicated to Lego Friends, and two areas devoted to climbing, playing and sliding.


Inside there are also two rides. Kingdom Quest, which is a favorite among many, and Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. Merlin’s Apprentice does have a 3 foot height requirement.


A small cafe has a variety of snacks, beverages, and treats to refuel for more play. I liked that the cafe is enclosed with windows and a door to provide a quieter place to sit and relax before you go play again.

Creative Workshop-

Step into the workshop and learn a few tips and tricks on building from Master Builder Maxx and other individuals. Right now you can learn how to make a platypus. Check the times the workshops will be taking place and stop in during your visit.

Our visit was a blast and we are excited to go back very soon and experience it all again! Remember to check the website before you go to see if a special activity is taking place. Right now every weekend in October is Bricker Treat. Come dressed in your costume and see miniland decked out for fall and enjoy fun stops along the way.

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