How We Got Rid of The Pacifier

All three of my boys have been  huge pacifier boys, especially as babies. They loved their pacifier and used it for naps and bedtime to sooth and comfort them. When it was time for our boys to be done with the pacifier, I knew it was going to be hard for each of them to give up. I decided to make the process as fun and enjoyable as possible, and in a way that they could keep their pacifier with them as long as they wanted. The perfect solution to was taking each of them to Build a Bear. 

Our youngest is 2 1/2 and it was now the time for him to experience the milestone of giving up his pacifier. With the help of his brothers and the wonderful staff at our local Build a Bear we were able to do just that. We told him that he was a big boy now and that it was time to give up the pacifier. That he would get to pick a friend to put his pacifier in to keep it safe. When we walked into the store he immediately ran up and grabbed Brutus. My husband was super happy about this choice because we are huge Ohio State fans! 

After he picked out Brutus we told the staff member that today was a big day and that he was giving  his pacifier to Brutus to keep it safe and that he would not be needing it anymore. The staff member was wonderful in making him feel like he was a big boy and that this Brutus was extra special because he had the important job of keeping his pacifier safe. We have been lucky that each of our boys had a fun experience and the staff members went over the top when they each had to give up their pacifiers. 

With the help of one of his brothers he made Brutus nice and huggable, picked out the perfect heart, put his pacifier inside, and did he whole ceremony.

At first he was hesitant when his pacifier went in and understood that it was not coming out. After some hugs and helps from his brothers he was happy with his special Brutus and the fun that he had at Build a Bear! 

On the car ride home he did get upset when he relalized that his pacifier was not coming out, and that he was a big boy now. That night he was able to fall asleep and he occasionaly asked for his pacifier the next couple of days, but did not have anymore fits.

This milestone has always been a big one for my boys and making a special friend for their pacifier has helped each of them achieve this milestone a little easier. The older two even got their special friends and showed our little guy what they picked to keep their pacifier safe and that the friends still sleep in bed with them each night.  


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