Calming Items For When Your Child is Upset

Recently our Middleman was diagnosed with ADHD and we have been working on finding the best methods and tools to use for when he needs to focus or to calm down when he is upset. Many children, not just those who have ADHD or another disability, can benefit from various items to use to help them when they are upset. A child is not able to fully comprehend what you are saying to them when they are upset or angry.


As a mom to three boys and an elementary school teacher, I have gathered various tools to use to help my children when they are angry. I have found that items that can be squeezed, pulled, or rolled around in their hands aids in providing something else for them to focus on and starts to calm them down. I have been searching for the perfect kit to get my Middleman to put in a calm and safe place that he can use for when he is upset or needs to focus.

The pack that I found is a sensory fidget pack and it contains twenty items that can be squeezed, pulled, and rolled. I love the variety of the items and how the kit hit all the key markers for what I was looking for. It is also budget friendly. After I purchased the kit I placed them all in a bin. Our Middleman then had time to explore all the items and play with them for a bit with his brothers. His favorite are the Stretchy Tubes that he calls worms that can be pulled and stretched really long.


After allowing time to play and explore, the items are placed in a quiet spot where he can go to when he is upset or angry. They are also there for the boys to have some quiet time to sit and play with sensory items if they want. The items are to stay in the bin and are to stay in that spot. We are calling the spot the calm down corner. My husband and I have learned that as soon as our Middleman is calm after he is upset and is done being angry, he is able to comprehend what we are saying and can communicate what he did, why he was upset, and we can discuss what should be done if the problem should happen again.

At school the sensory items have done wonders and I know it will help our guy when he needs some time to calm down or focus. I hope these items will be beneficial to your child and provide a tool for them and you to use during a hard time they might be having.


This is the kit that I purchased for my son and will be using in my classroom. Click on the picture and it will take you to the item.

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