Bicycle wash

What can be more fun on a hot summer day than a bicycle wash! During the summer I try to have a theme for each day of the week. On Monday’s we have Make It Monday. For our MIM project we decided a bicycle wash would be fun!

I took to Pinterest to find a plan or ideas on how to build the wash. This is the one I decided on. I liked that the supplies and diagram were laid out nicely and seemed easy to follow. We also were grateful to have my dad help get the parts and cut them.

After the parts were cut it was time to assemble. The boys enjoyed using the rubber mallet to hammer the pieces together.

When all of the pieces were connected it was time to decorate. We got pool noodles, boogie boards, a table cloth we cut into strips, and a bath loofa all from the Dollar Tree.

We used these items to make the bumpers and scrubbers that a typical car wash has. You can get creative with how you want to decorate your wash and what fun materials you’d like to use. I even got out a bucket and filled it with soapy water for the boys to scrub their bikes before they rode through the wash.

All we had left to do was connect it to the hose and turn up the water. It took a minute for it to fill up with water, but once it did it sprayed out nice!

When the boys were done playing we unhooked the hose, popped an end open to empty out the remaining water, and put it in the garage for next time.

The bike wash will be getting a lot of use this summer and we can’t wait to have the neighborhood kids over to play too!

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