Short North Date


Last week my husband and I were able to take an unexpected date during the day. A random day off of school for me, and a scheduled day off for him, left us with a day to ourselves. We decided it would be fun to explore apart of our awesome city of Columbus, Ohio that we haven’t really spent time in. We hopped in the car and headed down to the Short North.

We picked a central parking garage and decided on the Hubbard Garage.  Also, we heard that a couple locations validate parking when you use the Hubbard Garage. The Candle Lab is one of these locations and the first stop of our date.


If you haven’t been to the Candle Lab, you need to go. It is is a perfect place for almost any occasion. There are several Candle Labs around Columbus and each lab has an events calendar full of fun things to do while making a candle. We didn’t come for an event, we just walked in to make our candle. To read about the whole process of making a candle you can visit this earlier blog post on anther awesome experience I had at the candle lab.

My husband and I decided on a fun pun of naming our candle Hotober First because it was the fist day of October and the temperature was over 90 degrees! We picked the scents of apple orchard, autumn leaves, and cinnamon. We choose a cute yellow jar to put our candle in because of the fall color and due to how hot it was outside. Our candle smells amazing!

While our candle was drying we decided to walk around and find a place for lunch. We found the cutest and fun place, Goody Boy. If you are looking for a quirky, vintage, and diner type atmosphere, this restaurant is for you!

The menu is just the right size and doesn’t overwhelm you with to many options. The drink menu sounded fantastic, but we decided to skip that for now and want to come back soon to try. We both chose the Goody Boy Burger and shared a side of waffle fries. Tip: get the ranch to dip your fries in. You won’t be disappointed. My husband and I both agree that the Goody Boy Burger was the best cheeseburger we’ve had. Order it just like it is and enjoy the yummy combination of house made Aioli and house made BBQ sauce.

We had the best lunch and hope to come back soon to try the brunch menu and the tasty alcoholic drinks. Can you say adult juice pouch (Goody Bag) and jello shots in a lemon wedge!


After our tasty lunch we did some more exploring. Our first stop was Rocket Fizz Columbus to continue the nostalgic feel we had from lunch. This candy store is stocked full of the neatest sweets and treats that take you back to childhood. The soda collection is insane and literally has any flavor you can think of. From yummy to interesting and maybe even odd. It is a fun store to explore in and pick up something sweet to take home.

It was almost time to pick up the candle and I really waned to try an iced latte from one of the coffee shops. Did you know that the Short North has several unique coffee shops within walking distance from each other? We decided to try One Line Coffee. I got the mocha iced latte and it was truly a perfect latte. Super smooth, not to sweet, and it is shaken not stirred to combine the flavors more evenly. The baristas were also very informative and super friendly. They suggested the best latte based on what I was looking for.

Our day of exploring was nothing short of perfect. It was nice to have the day with just the two of us and explore a fun and vibrant part of our city. We hope to go back soon to try some of the other unique places that the Short North has to offer and to experience what night life is like.

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