Van Buren Acres

It’s a pumpkin patch and all things fall fun season, and we finally have the weather to go with it! For a perfect day of everything fall fun, we took the boys to Van Buren Acres.

Van Buren Acres is a family owned and operated corn maze and pumpkin farm. Located at 5066 Keller Rd. In Hebron Ohio. Right off of I-70 Admisson is $8.00, kids 2 and under are free. The admission includes everything but pumpkins and food. There is a u-pick pumpkin patch for $5 a pumpkin, or there are pumpkins already picked at the front of the farm. There is so much to do and see that you can spend hours having fun.

Let’s get into all of the fun things to do! The first stop, and the boys favorite, is a giant jumping bumble. There are two throughout the acres. One for 48′ inches and shorter and one for the bigger kids. Both jumping stations are monitored by employees and cubbies are provided to place shoes in.

When the boys were done jumping we headed to the next area to play. A climbing structure out of straw, peddle go carts, giant slides, outdoor music stand, larger then life ski ball and basketball games, and of course the favorite, giant tubes to run and roll around in.

If you need a break from playing there are two different tractor rides that you can rest up on. The boys enjoyed the Cow Train Tractor ride around the pumpkin patch and then we took a family Wagon Tractor ride around the u-pick pumpkin patch.

On our ride around the patch we noticed that besides the orange pumpkins that they grow, there were unique ones that you don’t see very often. I was excited to be able to pick a white pumpkin and Bigman was on the hunt for a blueish colored pumpkin. We grabbed a wagon from an area close to the u-pick patch and headed out. I’d say we successfully found some neat pumpkins.

Our pumpkin picking adventure took place next to the corn maze so we decided to check that out next. First off, this maze is giant and epic! One of the neatest corn mazes I’ve seen. What I appreciated is the option to choose an easier path or a harder one, and a map to take into the maze in case you get lost. Since we were going in with the boys we took the easier option and brought the map along. Throughout the maze there are stations that have an activity and give you space facts to go along with the space theme of the maze. The boys enjoyed that part and we loved the stations too because it helped to serve as a location point on the map so we knew where we were.

When our corn maze adventure was done we took some time to explore the other areas of the acres. A giant corn box and seeing the variety of animals that they have. The goat walk was super neat and the boys thought it was funny.

Before we headed up front to grab some food we had to stop and watch the pig races! This was by far one of my favorites. Fun to watch, funny, and the dancing pig, named Little Oinker, kept everyone entertained. The pig races are a must see while at Van Buren Acres.

Watching the pigs race and having a ton a fall fun made us hungry and thirsty. We headed into the cafe barn to fuel up. The cafe is in a spacious and covered barn with ample seating, a nice menu selection, and a small shop to purchase items and pay for any pumpkins you picked. We opted to have walking tacos and hotdogs. The walking tacos came in these neat bags made specifically for walking tacos. Also, a must have is the apple cider slushy! Oh my, are these tasty and fantastic.

I want to talk about one more thing, and that is where you go if you have to use the restroom. There are porta-potty’s that are clean and well maintained. What I was most impressed with is if you have a young child that needs a diaper change or a place to nurse, a little shed that is located by the pig races provides the privacy and and warmth to take care of your little one. The shed has a changing table, rocking chair, and toys for siblings to play with. This is a really thoughtful and nice touch!


We had a wonderful time at Van Buren Acres and it has become our favorite place to visit for pumpkins and all things fall! We were there four hours and probably could have stayed longer. If you want to go several times throughout the season you can purchase a season pass for $20.00 A great price for numerous days of fun.

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