We Have a Month Break From School. Now What? A Schedule and Activities For Home.

Summer isn’t here yet, but an almost month long break is. The break is an ideal time to spend it creating memories, having some fun at home, and incorporating some school work to continue the learning.

All of this can be a little overwhelming so I came up with a schedule to help us through the days at home and some activities to keep us busy.

Our Schedule and Activities For Home

Wake up- 9:00 am: Have breakfast, relax, get dressed, brush teeth, get ready for the day

9:00-11:30 am: Daily chores, play outside, activity at home 

Megan from Eat Play Cbus created a fun list of activities to do at home.  

I also went to Pinterest to find Lego activities, rubber band bracelet instructions, different slime recipes, and craft ideas. I had some supplies delivered from Amazon for our home fun. We will also be using this time to journal or create a daily video about what we are doing and the fun we are having at home. 

11:30-12:00 pm: Lunch

12:00-1:30: Learning Time

I am a teacher and want to continue some learning at home with my boys. We will use this time to practice writing, reading stories and drawing what happened in the story, visiting educational websites and apps, and conducting some science lessons at home.

1:30-2:00: Clean up learning time and get ready for rest time

2:00-4:00: Quiet Rest time

During this time the boys will have quiet rest time. They can read a book and relax in their room or do a quiet activity in their room. Sometimes we use this time to watch a movie and relax. Sometimes the boys will actually nap, it just depends on the day.

4:00-5:30: Free Play Time

The boys can play outside or choose what they’d like to do.

A great resource to get the kids moving and have some interactive fun is the website or app GoNoodle  Chances are if your child attends school they already know what this is and have used it before. It is a lot of fun and provides dancing and movement activities to do.

5:30-6:30: Dinner and cleaning up dinner

I am going to try to plan some meals that are also fun for the boys. Fondue at home, make your own Bibibop, homemade mini pizzas, and a walking taco bar are just a few. All of these can be found on Pinterest or use your go to recipe.

6:30-8:30: Family time or family activity, Get ready for bed. Showers, stories, teeth brushed, story time, and go to sleep.

This schedule is flexible and won’t necessarily be flowed every day. The schedule allows for a basis of structure for going about our day, especially if most of them will be spent at home and possibly indoors.

If you have activities or suggestions that you do please feel free to comment and share! I always enjoy seeing what others do and coming up with new activities.

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