Day 7: Extended Break Covid-Quarantined

Today we had a special guest during our school time. Littleman loves to be silly and dress up. We all had a good laugh.

Also my mom stopped by for a few and dropped off some mom fuel for me! My favorite Starbucks drink.

The boys have been working on a daily paper from a packet that their teachers sent home and utilizing Google Classroom as well as some educational websites. Some of their favorite websites are:

After our lessons we were able to get some fresh air and jump around in puddles before it started to rain again.

Lego building has been a daily activity for us and keeps the boys busy for awhile. They have been doing a daily Lego Challenge and todays challenge said to build the Empire State Building and they rocked it out.

After dinner the boys played and my hubby and I chatted and had some wine

Now we are watching Jumanji as a family and winding down for the evening.

Tomorrow is Saturday and the weekend so that means we won’t be doing our daily lessons and we’ll take it easy.

This first week has felt like it’s been going on for a year, but despite it all we are doing well and hanging in there.

I wanted to leave you with this picture below and something to keep in mind. My husband works retail and is on 6 days a week shifts now. Please be kind when shopping.

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