Day 9: Extended Break

Today is the day that the official order to stay at home was announced. Starting tomorrow, March 23rd at 11:59 pm we are told to stay home unless it is essential to leave. Get medicine, get groceries, or go to the hospital/doctor.

Only essential personal can report to work. My hubby is a manager at Meijer and with grocery stores being essential, he still has to report to work. I’m glad that he will be off work for this whole week and I hope and pray that when he goes back to work that he stays healthy. It sure is scary times right now.

Despite it all we are making the best of it at home with the boys.

We got outside and chalked the walk in-front of our house. The boys drew smiley faces, hearts, and wrote words of encouragement. Smile, love, happy, wash your hands, and cover your mouth 😂

Logan built today’s Lego challenge which was to design a new pickup truck.

I made homemade chicken wings for dinner and we relaxed before putting the boys to bed. They asked to have a brother sleepover and we blew up some air mattresses so they could all sleep in the same room.

One last thing that brought happy tears to my eyes was being able to FaceTime with my favorite gals and see their beautiful smiling faces.

Tomorrow is a new day and we got this! Stay healthy, be positive, and wash your hands!

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