Day 14: Extended Break

Today for some reason seemed to move slow and felt exhausting. The boys had a hard time getting a long the first half of the day and we had to have a sit down talk.

This season of life that we are all in is hard and is requiring us to be amazingly strong and creative in our daily lives. The boys are still trying to understand and get use to this new crazy normal that is our life right now, and I know that some days are easier than others.

Even on hard days there are bright spots and fun. Today the boys were able to get outside and ride their bikes for awhile, I took a nap with Littleman, and we sat down as a family and painted some rocks to put around our tree out front.

Middleman FaceTimed his friend today.

We ended our evening snuggled up and watched a childhood favorite, Hook, with the boys. It was the feel good movie that we needed for today and a great way to end the evening before the boys go to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day and one that I hope will grant my hubby the safety and calmness as he heads back to work. I pray that everyone has a great day, stay safe, and wash your hands.

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