Day 15: Covid-Quarantine

Today I was actually able to sleep in for just a little bit and the boys started off the morning pretty calm. Thank goodness, because it was needed.

I did some cleaning around the house and took a small drive to do a curb side pick up of some candy for the boys and hubby. We all needed a little bit of a pick me up.

The boys spent time playing today and creating worlds on Minecraft. The weather was rainy off and on all day. Middleman did have a friend stop by to say hi and he hung on the porch while his friend and dad hung on the sidewalk. It was nice that they could see each other and talk about baseball and what they’ve been up to.

For dinner we ordered pizza and watched the second episode of The Imagineering Story on Disney+ with the boys. If you are a fan of Disney like we are you will love this show. It’s about how Disneyland and Disney Wold came to be. It’s a really neat documentary.

That’s pretty much all that happened today and I am grateful for this precious time with my boys and hubby.

Have a great day and be like him 👇🏻

Wash your hands and stay home 🏡

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