Day 17: Covid-Quarantine

Today we started back up with our school routine and the boys actually enjoyed during their lessons today.

Bigman is in the Gifted 3rd grade class and has been working on multiplication facts up to 12. I found a fun color by multiplication fact activity that reveals a Disney character when completed. The activity comes with several pages to do and each page is a different character. He enjoyed the suspense of who it would be and is looking forward to the next one. A Princess and Her Pirates is who shared this activity and where I got it from. He also worked on his assigned lessons from his teacher and started Imagineering in a Box today He is pumped to design his own theme park!

Middleman who is in 1st grade enjoyed working on his packet, writing his favorite memory from the school year, and completing the online activities at Xtramath and Teach Your Monster to Read that his teacher has set up. He also loves the daily email she sends out to say hello and offers a challenge or activity to do for the day. Littleman uses the app Khan Academy Kids when we do our lessons and practices writing his name. He just turned 4 a month ago and is learning so much with this app. I am an elementary teacher and I love what this app is teaching and how it teaches it to him.

I am glad I have a tool box of lessons and activities for the boys to do during our school time each day. Our governor today announced that school will be closed through May 1st and will be re-evaluated as it gets closer to the date if schools will even go back this school year or remain closed.

After our lessons we did some crafts, played, danced, and ordered take out for dinner.

It was a low key day and we spent it in our pjams. Tomorrow is a new day. Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands!

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