Day 19: Staying Home

Wow, we’ve been doing this for 19 days, and although these days have felt like a year and we have a long road ahead of us, I feel they have also gone quickly in some aspects.

This is what we did on our 19th day of staying home for the Covid-Quarantine.

Bigman loves fish and sea life. He has been fascinated with the Florida Everglades and decided to do some research and write an article. He spent over an hour typing away his article about Animals in the Florida Everglades. It was adorable watching him work and we are so proud of what he wrote. This is what he did for most of his school time today and I am perfectly fine with it. He was learning, he was engaged, and he was excited about what he was doing.

Middleman receives a daily message from his first grade teacher and each day she suggests an activity for their special of the day. If they were at school today their special would have been gym. She asked the students to get on GoNoodle and stretch it out and have fun for gym class. He was stretching as far as he could before he started dancing.

During our afternoon quiet time Littleman fell asleep on me for over an hour. I soaked in all the cuddles and the quiet time. It was greatly needed and appreciated today.

He also spent some time with daddy playing cars while Middleman and I cooked dinner.

We had pancakes for dinner and Middleman made most of them all by himself. He also cut up bananas for everyone and made faces with them and the sausage links I cooked. It was pretty adorable.

The rest of the evening was in all honesty a little chaotic. The boys were antsy and full of energy, they were arguing over everything, and not listening very well. We made a decision to have a family discussion and put them to bed a little early. I think it’s all starting to really hit them with what’s going on and the fact we will be doing this for awhile. We are taking it one day at a time and doing the best we can.

My family and I are huge Disney fans. I thought to bring some happiness and uplifting spirits I’d post a Disney quote each day. I hope it helps, even if it’s just a little.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands!

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