Day 20: Coronacation

I am a little late in writing this post. I got sucked into a show last night lost track of time. Anywho, here is how our 20th day of staying home went.

This week the boys have had a Miss You Themed spirit week with their school. Today was read to a stuffed animal one of your favorite books. It cracks me up how different they are from each other.


Middleman was so excited to see his teacher and some of his classmates through a Zoom meeting. He even asked for me to comb and spike his hair because he wanted to look nice, but still be in his pjams of course


For breakfast we had some bagels and yummy treats delivered from a local bagel company called Sammy’s New York Bagels. You can call or order online to have fresh and yummy bagels and treats delivered to your house if you are in the Columbus area. I ordered online and had it delivered the next day. They were packaged and on our doorstep before 7:00 am! What we ordered were fresh and delicious. It was a hit in our house. In the picture I have the spinach and cheese bagel with sliced avocado on it and Everything But The Bagel Seasoning.


The weather was really nice outside. We got out and rode bikes and took a walk. The boys and I also wrote messages for their dad on the driveway. He works at a major grocery store and we wanted to give him some encouraging words to come home to.

It was a pretty low key day and we had a visit from the curb and some goodies dropped off from my mom and dad for a bit. I’m glad we got to see them and chat for a bit even though we had to do it from afar.

Have a great day. Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands!

Enjoy today’s Disney quote.


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