Day 22: Coronacation

Yesterday was the 21st day of our Coronacation and a beautiful day outside.

Our day started out with having breakfast sandwiches and watching our favorite shows on Disney+ as a family. We like to watch: Clone Wars, Be Our Chef, and The Imagineering Story.

Towards the end of our show watching, Littleman was getting antsy and wound up. This is an accurate picture though of what it looks like around here lately.

Later in the day we loaded up the boys in the van and took them to a drive thru Easter. I love how creative and resourceful places get to still provide something that is fun and entertaining in a safe way.

The Easter was in a parking lot of a church and had drive thru stations. The first station had palm leaves and a goodie bag for parents. The goodie bag had hand soap from Bath and Body Works, nice chocolate, and other fun items.

The next station we received an Easter backpack filled with fun activities for the boys to do at home as well as items to have an Easter egg hunt.

The last station the boys each received a bag with Easter eggs filled with candy. Littleman was super excited about the candy!

The drive thru Easter brought lots of smiles yesterday and we are grateful for this experience. We will always remember this!

We took a quick drive to visit Grandma from our van and in her driveway for a bit. Then we came home and made a mini Thanksgiving dinner, because why not! It was delicious and the house smelled amazing.

The end of the day Littleman asked if Bigman could have a sleep over in his bed for the night. When I went to bed later I checked on them and found them all fast asleep. It melted my heart to see them snuggled up and asleep.

Have a good day. Stay safe, stay home, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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