Day 23-24: Coronacation

The past two days we’ve been taking it easy and getting use to full fledge virtual home school. So here are our day 23 and 24 adventures.

Day 23:

We tackled some cleaning that needed to be done. It’s been an embarrassingly long time since we’ve dusted and cleaned behind the tv that is on the fireplace. Thanks to the hubby for tackling the job.

Middleman wanted to help too and swept the downstairs. He’s been living his best life in pjams lately, most of the time without pants.

Day 24:

We started our morning with hot chocolate and dived into our first official day of virtual learning. It was a learning curve but the boys did great. Next week I officially start teaching through virtual learning with my students.

The boys rode bikes and we got some fresh air. I love how pretty our tree is when it’s in full bloom!

I made one of my favorite soups from growing up for dinner for the fam. It’s super easy to make and makes a ton. I freeze the leftovers for another time.

Littleman had a blast having a virtual play date with his buds! He has the best time with these guys and I love their friendship! I hope it always lasts!

Today I accomplished my first haircutting skills on Bigman and Littleman. I’m not a barber, but thought it turned out pretty well. They both fought me whole time and were moody, but we made it through! Something to remember for sure.

Here’s to tomorrow! Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands!

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