Day 25-27: Coronacation

The last couple of days have been up and down with the boys, knowing what day it is, and trying to stay positive. Through it all there have been many bright spots and we have stayed strong as a family.

I’m thankful that we are healthy and that we are only getting stronger because of what’s going on in the world.

Here are our adventures from the last three days.

The boys have been having a sleepover for several nights in the younger two’s room. Bigman has shared a bed with Littleman. It’s been pretty adorable and I love that when I checked on them they were all sleeping the same way.

The simple joys that a coffee brings is amazing. Hubby picked up one of my favorite drinks through the drive-thru while he was out picking up lunch. This was the best afternoon pick-me-up.

The boys and I had not left the house for almost a week. We loaded up in the van and got some ice cream to bring home and enjoy as a family.

The older two have been working hard on their first week of virtual learning. Littleman hasn’t been that impressed with his playmates not spending as much time with him during the day and sneaks in as much time with them as he can.

I took the boys over to my parents backyard to run around and play. We stayed out back and waved to Nana on the porch. During our time of playing baseball we saw a family of deer running around and enjoying the nice day.

I’ve seen this project floating around on social media and thought it was a good way to capture this moment in time of having to stay home. I love how it turned out and have it on the shelf in our living room.

I love that I can have these wine and chat sessions with my girls. It does the heart so good! I can’t wait to do it again next week.

I hope everyone is doing well. Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands.

We are all going through a change and I think it will be for the better when this is all over!

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