Day 34-38: Coronacation

We’ve been in a routine of a little bit of school work during the day, play time, family time, and to be honest a lot of tv and iPad time. Today our governor of Ohio officially made the announcement that we will not be going back to school this year. As a teacher and a momma I understand how important it is to stay safe and distant. But it is had to think the school year is over as we know it and that they won’t get their traditional end of school year countdown and fun or time with friends. This year has already been one for the books and it’s going to be an interesting couple months ahead of us. For now we keep trucking along and doing what we can.

We surprises the boys with Kona Ice. The local Kona Ice truck is offering curbside delivery and they loved it!

We had a Disney dinner and a movie night Incredibles themed style. This awesome idea is from Sarena from LivingbyDisney and it was so yummy and we had a great time.

We’ve actually had some nice sunny weather and have had lots of outside play time to get the energy out. The boys have so much energy!

We’ve been home for 5 weeks now and we are starting to get into a lunch rut.

I changed it up today and introduced the boys to a charcuterie tray, and they loved it!

Pleased to say all three boys were clean trayers!

I put items on their trays that I knew each of them would eat and divided it up into the cupcake slots. I used a cupcake pan to keep the items divided up and easily contained.

They thought this was the coolest lunch and asked for it again tomorrow.

Here is what they had today:

Turkey, hard boiled eggs, cheese, cheese stick, sliced banana, carrots with dip, apple squeeze, pretzels with peanut butter in it, and corn chips. Simple and a crowd pleaser.

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

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