Tie Dye Fun

For the past couple of summers the boys and I have kicked it off by making tie dye shirts. It’s always a fun activity and I love how they turn out every year!

This year we used a kit that a friend suggested and it was probably the easiest one we’ve used yet.

The Tulip 2 minute kit came with enough stuff for us to make 3 shirts. We could have done another shirt because we had dye left, but I didn’t have enough rubber bands. I would suggest getting extra rubber bands if you think you will need more than the 10 it comes with. We got our kit at Meijer but you can get it on Amazon as well.

The white shirts for the tie dye I get at Jiffy Shirts. Make sure they are 100% cotton. Jiffy Shirts have numerous options and sizes and super fast shipping.

We twisted the shirts up and went outside to apply the dye. I love how they can be as creative as they want and have fun dying their shirts.

When the shirts are done having the dye applied they are placed into the containers from the kit and microwaved for 2 minutes. This helps to seal the dye into the shirt. After the microwaving process the shirts are rinsed, washed, and dried.

The whole process was super easy and done all in one day. I have a feeling these shirts will be worn a lot this summer!

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