Legoland Discovery Center: What it’s like to visit during COVID

My boys have been begging, I mean absolutely begging to go back to Legoland Discovery Center Columbus at Easton Town Center and this momma has been really apprehensive and nervous to go.

After chatting with Cheryl from Legoland Discovery Center and hearing all of the safety measures that have been put into place, I decided to take the older two and check it out.

The boys were beyond exited to be back and I was impressed with what the center had done to keep everyone safe.

Before visiting a ticketed time must be reserved online. We went at 3:00 in the afternoon and almost had the entire place to ourselves. There were maybe 2-3 other families in the center the same time we were.

We have a membership to the Discovery Center and upon checkin we were told our membership was extended another 4 months before we needed to renew to cover the time it was shut down during the quarantine.

The rides were operating and after each ride the employee sprays and wipes everything down before the next group gets on. They even had the boys get off the ride and go around and re-enter the ride so they could spray and wipe it down before they rode again.

I appreciated this attention to detail and it made me feel at ease knowing the ride was getting sanitized frequently.

Due to continually cleaning the rides the two climbing play structures are closed right now and I am glad. I mean how would they keep the giant structure constantly clean?

After the rides the boys wanted to do a mini-build with Maxx. What has changed about the build is now you purchase the build for $5 in the cafe and take it into the creative workshop room where you are assigned a designated place to sit while Maxx walks you through the build.

After the build you get to take it home with you. The boys enjoyed this because they were the only ones in the workshop at the time and were happy they could take their build home instead of having to take it apart and leave it there as before.

Now, what’s Legoland Discovery Center without all the Legos to build with? I was curious on how they were going to keep building with Legos socially safe and clean. I was impressed to see that each kid can get a good size bag of Legos and Duplos that is theirs to build with during the duration of the visit.

There are several building stations set up to create at and neat spaces to make a stop motion video with your creation.

The bag of Legos even have parts in it to make cars and vehicles to race down the track in the car building area.

All giant bins of Legos and the bins for car parts in the car area have been emptied or removed and you must use the bag you get to build with.

When you are done playing with the Legos you put them back in the bag and put in a bin where they will be taken to get sanitized before the next guest can use the bag.

The boys hand an ample amount of Legos to build with and were able to create several things from their bag.

The small amount of visitors there, everyone in masks (even the Lego Friends figures) and a strong enforcement of wearing a mask, the social distancing stickers, and the hand sanitizing stations made it feel completely safe and an enjoyable time.

It was definitely a different atmosphere than what we are use to at Legoland Discovery Center, and we didn’t have time to check out the 4D movie, but it was still an enjoyable time and it felt great to see familiar faces and to see the boys so happy and excited to be back at one of their favorites places.

I am glad we were able to do this and feel completely comfortable and safe to visit again real soon and have a bricktastic time!

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