Sugar Rush Columbus

Be Unique. Be Different. Be Bizarre.

This motto is written in beautiful bold letters at Sugar Rush. A local dessert shop who is opening their first store front on Saturday, November 21, 2020.

Sugar Rush specializes in desserts that are unique, bold, bizarre, but most importantly, extremely delicious! If you can think of it, they can make it.

Tonight my husband and I attended their private tasting event and my goodness was it delicious.

When we entered the shop we were welcomed with bright, fun colors and decorations of larger than life gummy bears, sprinkles and icing drippings painted on the walls, and their beautiful logo and motto.

The display cases are starting to fill up with ready to go treats like you’ve never seen before, and coffee and ice cream from local shops.

Tonight we sampled one of each of the six options from the specialty menu that can be ordered for dine in or to go.

First up were the dessert tacos. Yep, dessert tacos! The cereal shell is filled with a cheesecake like filling and topped with yummy toppings. My favorite was the Fruity Fun and my husbands was the Cookie Explosion. Also, look how fun the silverware is too!

Next, is the Cake For Days. We chose the Rainbow Magic. This cake is four layers and comes with a candy necklace and rock candy. This slice can easily serve our family of 5 and would make for a fun birthday treat. It definitely was super tasty.

The Brownie Bite box came out next. This consists of 6, huge brownies with your choice of two buttercream icings to dip the brownies in. We choose peanut butter and cookies and cream. The icing is delicious and creamy and makes for a yummy addition to the brownies. Getting to choose two different icings to dip the brownies in is unique and delicious.

This next treat was our favorite. It is a basket of the Sugar Stix. This consists of churro bites with a twist. We chose the Buckeye churro bites with house made Buckeyes, drizzled with chocolate, and peanut butter buttercream icing to dip the stix in. Definitely a bold and fun dessert that come in several tasty flavors.

This last dessert is called the Mystery Cupcake Flight. It consists of 6 full size cupcakes made of unique, bizarre, and bold flavors that can change at anytime.

We haven’t tried all of them yet, but we did try the Strawberry Jalapeño and this bizarre flavor combination was extremely delicious and definitely bold and unique.

We took a lot of the treats home as well as this Peanut Butter milkshake to share with the boys over the next couple of days, and what they did try tonight were a hit with them.

I am grateful that we were able to attend this event and honored to know Amanda, owner and head dessert maker personally. She is a strong, bold, unique, sweet, and amazingly talented woman, and I am so happy that her shop is opening.

Do yourself a favor and help this local small shop out. Go visit, order a treat, take something fun home or enjoy in the shop. You can also order custom cakes and desserts for any event.

Be Unique. Be Different. Be Bizarre.

Sugar Rush

*I was not paid or sponsored to do this post. I paid to attend this private event and these reviews are my honest opinions. I wanted to share to let others know about Sugar Rush and what they have to offer.*

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