Lego Build Sign Up

At 10:00 am the sign ups for next months free monthly Lego build opens up. My boys love going to the Lego store and building each month. I love that it is an activity that they enjoy and it’s free! Sign up and enjoy the fun too. We usually go to the Tuesday early evening … More Lego Build Sign Up

Play Snow

My boys love the snow and as soon as we see snowflakes falling from the sky they want to go out and play. Unfortunately in Ohio we never know how much snow we will get or if any at all. So if snow isn’t falling from the sky, or covering the ground, we make it … More Play Snow

Character Breakfast

Today we did one of our most favorite Christmas activities. We went to the Gahanna Holiday Character Breakfast. This magical event is run by numerous volunteers and is one that shouldn’t be missed. For breakfast yummy pancakes are served in a unique way…you have to catch them! How fun is that? After you catch your … More Character Breakfast

Ranger Rick

If you have kiddos who love nature or animals then Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. magazine is a must! Super budget friendly and chalked full of fun information. My little guys eat it up and were so excited when this awesome gift showed up in the mail from Nana and Papa.

So Excited

Thank you NE Macroni Kids for the tickets! I am excited to take one of my momma besties to partake in a night of fun and laughter. I can’t wait to see #imomsohard Fellow Columbus mommas you should try to see it too!