Buckeye Bullets

Every year I make Buckeye Bullets for special occasions or parties. This appetizer is always a favorite and one of the first ones to be gone. Yesterday I made them for our Christmas Day snack food dinner and thought I’d share the recipe with you. You will need: 2 packs of cocktail wieners or little … More Buckeye Bullets

Play Snow

My boys love the snow and as soon as we see snowflakes falling from the sky they want to go out and play. Unfortunately in Ohio we never know how much snow we will get or if any at all. So if snow isn’t falling from the sky, or covering the ground, we make it … More Play Snow

Character Breakfast

Today we did one of our most favorite Christmas activities. We went to the Gahanna Holiday Character Breakfast. This magical event is run by numerous volunteers and is one that shouldn’t be missed. For breakfast yummy pancakes are served in a unique way…you have to catch them! How fun is that? After you catch your … More Character Breakfast