Train Show ๐Ÿš‚

My guys love trains ๐Ÿš‚ and playing with them. About two years ago we went to the Great Train Show at the Ohio Expo Center and had a blast. There were numerous displays to watch and interact with and a little self powered train that the boys were able to ride. We are excited for […]

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Lego Build Sign Up

At 10:00 am the sign ups for next months free monthly Lego build opens up. My boys love going to the Lego store and building each month. I love that it is an activity that they enjoy and it’s free! Sign up and enjoy the fun too. We usually go to the Tuesday early evening … More Lego Build Sign Up

Play Snow

My boys love the snow and as soon as we see snowflakes falling from the sky they want to go out and play. Unfortunately in Ohio we never know how much snow we will get or if any at all. So if snow isn’t falling from the sky, or covering the ground, we make it … More Play Snow

Dino Fun!ย 

On Sunday we headed to the Ohio Expo Center with our three little guys to Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed! I was able to use Groupons for all of us and with little man only 1 years old he was free. It was a very budget friendly event and so much fun! The animatronic Dinosaurs were … More Dino Fun!ย